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blackjackrobo Which do you guys prefer? marvel or DC? fred0ne TheSire Kisi Tophatcrows Phalcone42 8 days ago
chickenlordbawk What have you enjoyed about Sosa so far? 101KushUps slimySumoCow cyanm thederpypug Thilarim Apr 11th 2017 15:32
Jax101 What are some online web comics that you keep up with? fred0ne ImTheWalrus TheLastDruid Myfirstnamewaschosen Jan 10th 2017 10:40
TheBritishAreComing If you could be any animal with any super power what would you be and what... cyanm BookGoblinz thederpypug MrWobbly Anonymous Sep 12th 2016 19:54
TheBritishAreComing What would your super hero name be? cyanm ICouldBeCatWoman MuffinsAndStrawberries thederpypug Atomic15 Sep 09th 2016 11:45
scoobyploos Are there any anime that are better than the manga? Syris Anonymous sbury qais SaveTheKupo Apr 13th 2016 06:23
JerkenHoff Anybody wanna discuss/recommend any graphic novels to each other? Seems this... PixieVixie Anonymous YouHaveItAllWrong Wordofguy krynny Apr 04th 2016 04:37
YouBastardsTookAllTheGoodNames One Punch Man, who else is in love with that show? twistedfox123 OneAndOnly2G raviolli77 laughatallthethings GreenIsGo Feb 04th 2016 09:34
Skopps has anyone seen the trailer for the new Preacher tv show and if so what did... ASHCROFTYAY WhyAmIMakingThisAccountOhYesThatsWhy Carlos1815 Dec 29th 2015 23:50
Thatoneguyfromthatonemovie What comic(s) are you reading now? YouBastardsTookAllTheGoodNames WhyAmIMakingThisAccountOhYesThatsWhy ramo05 Vronnyka wheretheresawilltheresaway Dec 25th 2015 16:06
bicycleday66 Ive only just caught up with Saga and I need something to fill the void bicycleday66 Schwabot ConsumerOfStories thecanadianwader Sep 03rd 2015 06:05
QuestionofLifetheUniverseandEverything Since it's not quite possible to buy comics where I live. Any advice where... baconandeggs Tophatcrows ConsumerOfStories PaulFranksMonkey Aug 08th 2015 13:44
pennylanedc Marvel comics or DC comics? baconandeggs ChaotikWulf TheSkeptic ForgottenAzreal sirenx8 Aug 08th 2015 13:40
TheBritishAreComing If Wolverine can heal almost instantly, why has he got a belly button? baconandeggs JohnCheese superjenjen Aug 08th 2015 13:39
Anonymous Can a light saber cut through adamantium? baconandeggs TheMadSupremacy Fayte Aug 08th 2015 13:39
swaghettiyolonaise What's the worst superpower? baconandeggs VernardUlrich imyourzer0 Vronnyka Schwabot Aug 08th 2015 13:38
Anonymous Do you think the Avengers take bets on how big the Hulk's penis is? VernardUlrich ForgottenAzreal TheBritishAreComing singast rhetoricalsarvasm Jul 24th 2015 14:43
ChaotikWulf Who was your favorite evil ex and why? (Yes, Scott Pilgrim) Owlgirl08 odelay321 SinistralPrincess Mrtinywolf AnAngryPacifist Jul 01st 2015 03:42
TheBritishAreComing Who's faster The Flash or Sonic? imyourzer0 imortalmax jewelz996 gothnerd asgaardianAxegrinder Jun 21st 2015 07:31
PaulFranksMonkey What do you consider the "line" between a comic book and a graphic novel? TheSkeptic Aquilarden Laurelespp RaskolnikovsAxe RoswellM May 08th 2015 07:05
Anonymous Never bothered with comics as there are so many different versions of... jewelz996 Tophatcrows Kelsusaurus ClikeX RaskolnikovsAxe Apr 22nd 2015 22:54
ConsumerOfStories Marvel's rebooting their universe this year. Are there any characters you'd... Phalcone42 TheBritishAreComing Mar 27th 2015 00:18
TheBritishAreComing Who would win in a fight between Dark seid and Galactus (i know different... Aquilarden Kelsusaurus solstrana STiTun3r Anonymous Mar 16th 2015 08:27
CaptainPsychopath Superman vs DR Manhattan. who the fuck would win? Whopoopedinmypants Anonymous Oct 31st 2014 15:46
ishallbeknownastheplacebo There once was a little man, living in a little forest.... daithiking Sep 06th 2014 14:04