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TheSire What is your perfect stag (bachelor) or hen (bachelorette) party? TheBritishAreComing fred0ne May 30th 2017 09:19
thekamikazekid A date with TheDevilsAvocado? You could be the winner seed6666 umbrena WolvesAndWhiskey Faeonera RockChickie May 30th 2017 05:29
spoonman how many of you are single? TheSire mrbaca thekamikazekid WaterBug dasadobobro May 22nd 2017 14:31
teabot4000 Death to all humans cyanm fred0ne RockChickie TheBritishAreComingTheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkkysinden May 15th 2017 16:46
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OKDecM My friend is depressed, how can I help him out? CowsGoMooALot NorwegianVikingPower OKDecM RockChickie Apr 10th 2017 13:59
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe What's a good first date for you? Violetchoas kptkrunk CowsGoMooALot AMattressCalledZemGhostbusterGuySergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Apr 06th 2017 02:29
TheBritishAreComing Should James be allowed to vote? TheBritishAreComingpearls13AMattressCalledZemMrQueenZackBallMyfirstnamewaschosen Mar 31st 2017 21:04
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blobbyblobblob is it ok to call my bodypillow my girlfriend? TheSire Mar 08th 2017 20:55
umbrena What colour should Ena do her nails for her date? kptkrunk cyanm TheSire TotallyContagious BerkaDerka CowsGoMooALot Mar 07th 2017 12:49
FlangeMaster What is the worst way to dump someone? cyanm NinjaSquirrel Faeonera scooterbrother Thilarim ConsumerOfStories Mar 02nd 2017 00:04
umbrena Should Ena (umbrena) break up with all of SoSa? FrogginBullfish kptkrunk TheSire BisexualKneeCap umbrena IamJakefromStateFarm Feb 19th 2017 23:57
fred0ne I wish you a happy day, to you, the single one :D TheSire Feb 14th 2017 08:43
ConsumerOfStories What are you doing for Valentine's Day? Ullur cyanm umbrena eraser Anonymous ConsumerOfStories Feb 14th 2017 01:21
CaptainCupcake69 Are there actually sexy singles in my area like the advertisements foretold?... CaptainCupcake69 TheSire Feb 10th 2017 16:16
Orangebolt222 How soon is too soon for a girl to ask about being in a relationship SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Anonymous Mikey The-truth-terrorist Aichan Jan 31st 2017 20:04