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DoomEmperor89 Poll: What is the worst Video Game of all Time? TheBritishAreComingDandaslimySumoCowjustskyFrostByteUKzYnthedyn 2 hours ago
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Anyone here having Animal Crossing (New Leaf)? SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe IamJakefromStateFarm xdelu 2 days ago
umbrena Do you play League of Legends (NA server?) umbrena ShotgunBettyxdeluMeeliYeee5chewyjoohee 2 days ago
umbrena Steam Summer Sale is on! Are you planning to buy anything this time around?... CowsGoMooALotumbrenaSimplyShaunxdeluUtanapishtimMissNerdyGirl 2 days ago
CowsGoMooALot GAME TIME KayitsuCowsGoMooALotsbdgirl25umbrenaFrogginBullfishMissNerdyGirl 5 days ago
TheSire Did you like EA's E3 conference? TheSire Jun 12th 2017 11:47
Anonymous Are you hyped for E3? cyanmCaptainTwirlfinntsih Jun 11th 2017 02:08
TheSire Do you still play/enjoy Pokémon games? DigityDogsalamiplastikchewyjooheeTheSireJoefred0ne Jun 06th 2017 22:12
umbrena Have you ever owned a tamagotchi? pritzilpalazzo swelshieCowsGoMooALotcyanmErnieMcFlyumbrena Jun 04th 2017 22:27
TheSire Where would you like to see the next Elder Scrolls? fred0ne yobama123TheSire Jun 04th 2017 12:40
umbrena Have you ever bought a humble bundle? FrogginBullfish umbrenaTheFuckFaceWhispererdyldonomusYeee5fred0ne Jun 02nd 2017 08:38
umbrena What kind of consoles for gaming do you own? FrogginBullfish TheSire umbrena gargantuanspork fakedmynamecyanm May 27th 2017 04:57
OKDecM Which video games would make the best movies if done perfectly? cyanm blobbyblobblob TheSire RamsayDidNothingWrong May 25th 2017 23:46
umbrena Do you use wired or wireless computer accessories? swelshiecyanmumbrenastrictlysupplethekamikazekidTheFuckFaceWhisperer May 25th 2017 00:58
umbrena Do you watch any e-sports? cyanm kptkrunk slimySumoCowkaminaljuyu May 15th 2017 16:39
umbrena Do You Still play any MMOs? OhSnapKinetic NorwegianVikingPower swelshieTMtruecyanmSimplyShaun May 10th 2017 01:47
umbrena What game do you miss the most from your past? kptkrunk Rhodderz slimySumoCow TheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDark MissNerdyGirl May 01st 2017 11:05
BerkaDerka Choose that pokemon!!!!!!!! TheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkpurplepotatoesPantsmanCrotherfred0neslimySumoCow Apr 26th 2017 08:23
Kisi What game should I play? TheBritishAreComingTheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkcyanmMrQueenButtsPleaseTheSire Apr 24th 2017 22:59
MyArrowsFlyTrue Strangers from distant lands, friends of old, who among plays destiny and... Apr 21st 2017 19:01
Gerenzoo What are the 10 most essential PC-Games? fred0ne Shugashuga kptkrunk Gerenzoo TheSire Apr 19th 2017 07:46
Orangebolt222 What is the best game ever? thederpypug fred0ne Danda runningmandible slimySumoCow Apr 10th 2017 14:31
TheSire Would you be interested in playing War Thunder again at SoSa game nights? Thilarim TheBritishAreComingSlothDigityDogApparentlyHardTackButtsPlease Apr 04th 2017 16:42
Myfirstnamewaschosen Should I buy Afterbirth+ CrowiTheSirefred0neJoelJr Mar 30th 2017 16:19
Orangebolt222 What game should I play? RockChickie TheBritishAreComingUmbrayumbrenascooterbrotherHarryTheNarwhal Mar 30th 2017 10:10