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blobbyblobblob as a pikachu do i have the right to thunderbolt zynthedyn to death? cyanmxdeluTheSireblobbyblobblob101KushUpsfinntsih 1 hours ago
xdelu How to say hello cyanm kptkrunk DigityDogxdeludyldonomustriscat 2 hours ago
WutTheFuckIsJuice Do you wish...? WutTheFuckIsJuice xdelu Joe Kisi NotTheDroidYouAreLookingFordutchsingh Yesterday at 23:02
umbrena Do you make your bed every day? umbrenaSimplyShaunMissNerdyGirlslimySumoCowBel1sarfinntsih 2 days ago
umbrena Have you been on an airplane before? umbrenaTotallyContagiousUtanapishtimMissNerdyGirlWutTheFuckIsJuiceslimySumoCow 3 days ago
umbrena Do you have a tattoo? TheSire TheTrooperWithAFearOfTheDarkitsmekikiyesyessbdgirl25umbrenatheJAMRAY 4 days ago
Anonymous Is this poll anonymous? finntsih 5 days ago
umbrena Have you ever made a prank call? CowsGoMooALotumbrenaMissNerdyGirlfinntsihPatrick3001justsky 5 days ago
TheSire Who would be your choice for unquestionable leader for Social Savanna? Yeee5 5 days ago
umbrena How often do you wash your hair? NorwegianVikingPowercyanmumbrenaMithrapartyMrQueenForTheNightIsDarkAndFullOfCunts 6 days ago
TheSire Do you agree that empty luxury property should be used to house those whose... kptkrunk 6 days ago
linkdk59 What is your spirit emoji? umbrena LisbethMonaMrQueenlinkdk59TheSireSaltieBum 8 days ago
OKDecM What should be free but isn't? DGUERRERO cyanm 10 days ago
TheSire If you put your milkshake in one yard, and crack a cold one in another yard,... vorduulcyanmFrogginBullfishSombreroBurlesquefred0ne101KushUps 10 days ago
OKDecM If you had to become another member of Social Savanna, who would it be and... fred0ne cyanm FrogginBullfish TheSire Joe Jun 14th 2017 07:58
umbrena Have you ever been kicked on SoSa? CowsGoMooALotcyanmumbrenaFrogginBullfishYeee5Joe Jun 13th 2017 23:36
FrogginBullfish Something terrible happened.... cyanmumbrenaFrogginBullfishUtanapishtimgargantuanspork Jun 12th 2017 02:43
purplepotatoes Give me your credits FrogginBullfish purplepotatoes cyanm Jun 08th 2017 04:00
Samuraius What's a mistake you only make once? fred0ne cyanm Jun 06th 2017 11:06
OKDecM What's a picture that makes you laugh every time you see it? cyanm OKDecM TheBritishAreComing Jun 05th 2017 23:39
TheSire Imagine you've been sentenced to death. What are your last words? Bel1sar fred0ne FrogginBullfish DigityDog triscat Jun 03rd 2017 00:32
TheSire Despite the constant negative press TheBritishAreComingklayman1984cyanmTheSiretriscatElectricbird Jun 01st 2017 00:07
umbrena What is your favourite all time meme? Post below fred0ne purplepotatoes MissNerdyGirl FrogginBullfish May 29th 2017 10:34
SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Do you think human combustion is a real thing? kptkrunk cyanm TheFuckFaceWhisperer May 28th 2017 21:22
umbrena What is one really cringey moment from your childhood that you remember? TheSire CaptainTwirl FrogginBullfish Sloth marinedalek May 24th 2017 15:09