22 / Male / Cold Lake, AB, Canada

I live in Cold Lake Alberta. I`m a journalist and I spend way to much online...

I miss my cat and live vicariously through yours. So keep posting those photos.

Message me. I love meeting new people. Especially if I don`t have to go outside. (it`s cold)

I`m an upvote fairy! and have been since I joined imgur...UPVOTES FOR EVERYONE

What I'm doing with my life

I'm working as a journalist in Cold Lake Alberta - I just recently graduated from the journalism program at Ryerson University and want to work my way up to a bigger newspaper or website or tv station eventually

Favouritest of all the things

Music (I play two intsruments and sing)

My darkest secret

ptlozinsk doesn't think they have any secrets, but we all know about that one time right? ;)
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