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TMtrue How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie... kensoorCapnKrunchyBenorfApparentlyHardTackCaptainTwirlHarryTheNarwhal 5 days ago
RockChickie What's weirder? TheBritishAreComingMrQueenYeee5RockChickieTheSireHappyJack Apr 14th 2017 04:55
umbrena Do you think 9/11 was an inside job? TheBritishAreComingGerenzooumbrenaSergeantKnickerlessArsewipeMrQueenFrogginBullfish Apr 05th 2017 16:52
Anonymous Who's lawn should I take a poop on CowsGoMooALot umbrena TheBritishAreComingswelshieRockChickiefred0ne Mar 30th 2017 16:52
TheBritishAreComing If you could be from a different country where would you be from? Mar 30th 2017 15:58
Anonymous Would you let Trump win for a million dollars or let the candidate of your... pearls13MyfirstnamewaschosenVioletchoasInnocentMalice Mar 24th 2017 15:49
Myfirstnamewaschosen Are polls fun? xenotropeGerenzooInnocentMalicefred0neslimySumoCow Mar 24th 2017 15:49
blobbyblobblob yesterday i made an allegation that social savanna has been wiretapping... cyanm Mar 22nd 2017 01:07
Anonymous Is it okay to call someone literally Hitler. cyanm DigityDog slimySumoCow calipurMalivantspocktothehand Feb 26th 2017 07:02
FlangeMaster Do you think cyclists should pay road tax or insurance? (or both) TheSire Feb 22nd 2017 11:10
WhatWillWeDoWithADrunkenSailor is it gif or gif? fred0ne Electricbird TheBritishAreComing wallzy41umbrenaSergeantKnickerlessArsewipe Feb 01st 2017 09:00
IAmNotACity How bad you want them credits? ImADolphinIamJakefromStateFarmrunningmandibleblahblumEauDeSwag Jan 31st 2017 21:02
Orangebolt222 How weird is Soapy? (aka @SergeantKnickerlessArsewipe) Jan 31st 2017 20:45
TheSire Americans: you may return to the United Kingdom if you pledge fealty to Her... Malivant cyanm CowsGoMooALot fred0ne Myfirstnamewaschosen Jan 31st 2017 19:25
FlangeMaster Why does socialism seem to fail in my places? kptkrunk Jan 09th 2017 12:35
Anonymous Should ImADolphin be unbannded EdRidz73 Myfirstnamewaschosen TheBritishAreComing CowsGoMooALotzuntsutheromanticglasseyeddragonslayingdemonpriestcyanm Dec 22nd 2016 00:11
FlangeMaster Should there be a Mikeday? RedRuMKlown Dec 10th 2016 02:53
OKDecM Should taxes be raised in order to provide free education? Baklava RedRuMKlown ConsumerOfStories cyanm Tryskel Dec 09th 2016 15:30
Samuraius If you became president, what is the first thing you would do? RedRuMKlown kptkrunk Aichan Natee cyanm Nov 28th 2016 16:35
Samuraius If you could give everyone in the world ONE piece of advice, what would it... Kylou Malivant vorduul Tyler cheesymac Nov 17th 2016 01:44
OKDecM Would you rather be granted 3 wishes of your choice 10 years from today or... ConsumerOfStories Missadventures TheBritishAreComing OKDecM TheSire Nov 14th 2016 11:19
TheSire Come on, we're going to GreenCup c0rsanaclackersRockChickieTheSireJoe Nov 09th 2016 09:50
TheSire I wonder if America's gonna win or lose in this election Nov 08th 2016 09:52
TheSire American friends, who are you voting for? DrPepper523 TheBritishAreComing Nov 07th 2016 20:10
Missadventures Should I get Snapchat? fred0ne kptkrunk tequillakage TheBritishAreComingIamJakefromStateFarmFaeonera Nov 07th 2016 14:15