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TheSire Do you think it's patronising for men to hold the door open for women? TheSire Seppi fred0ne TheBritishAreComingConsumerOfStoriesFaeonera Dec 16th 2016 08:53
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FlangeMaster The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, or Breaking Bad? anonymousdoctorsinspace CowsGoMooALotZackBallkptkrunkTheSireInitiatingAnxiety Dec 08th 2016 00:46
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Faeonera Binge watching Buffy vs. sociolising TheBritishAreComingSergeantKnickerlessArsewipesalamiplastikBeleTryskelMalivant Nov 16th 2016 12:00
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TheSire Just some recommendations I have for TV if you're looking for something to... ConsumerOfStories CowsGoMooALot Oct 11th 2016 02:24
TheSire Westworld is coming to HBO pretty soon, anyone excited? :D kptkrunk Cymist Sep 26th 2016 11:49